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The Kansas legislative session wraps up officially tomorrow on Saturday. The big question is…what did we accomplish?


The Good News:

1) Stopping the expansion of Medicaid. After numerous attempts throughout the session, and a last minute desperate attempt to throw it in for the final week, it all flopped for the pro-government healthcare advocates.

2) Stopping anti 2nd amendment legislation in Kansas after national shootings. Even with zero incident happening on university campuses this school year…the progressive gun grabbers still attempted to repeal carry on campus, along with attaching more gun registration laws to a bill originally meant for good intention with state reciprocity and lowering the age to obtain a permit to 18 years old. Thankfully we stopped this craziness.

3) Foster care and adoption rights for religious liberty. It was last minute, but we were able to protect the foster care and adoption programs.

4) Minor tax reform allowing you to bring offshore accounts to the state without penalty, and allows individuals and businesses to itemize their state tax filings. Not a huge tax success…but we’ll take it.


The Bad News:

1) A state budget with over $7.07Billion in spending. Increase of 5% for salary hikes for thousands of state employees, and over $530+million in additional spending for public education. While we allowed itemization for taxes and potential for less state revenue because of itemization for individuals and businesses…we felt (somehow) it was a good idea to raise spending across the board. Have we not learned anything from 2012? You cannot cut taxes (or state revenue) and increase spending…and think this is a plan for success. As expected, we can anticipate a happy campaign by legislators this fall claiming they fixed the budget problems. And come the 2019 session, looking at our 2 year budget cycle, we can anticipate another massive tax increase and a budgetary shortage.

2) Failing to pass a Constitutional amendment limiting power of Supreme Court on education finance, and banning use of taxpayer money for litigation for more taxpayer money going to education. We praised leadership in both chambers of Congress when they said they would not look at an educational finance bill until the Constitutional amendment was voted on and passed. That lasted for one day. We heard nothing about the amendment thereafter. The number one priority many had going into the session still remains on the table as unfinished, and we still may have the Kansas Supreme Court claim this new funding as unconstitutional.

3) Failing to pass pro-2nd amendment bill lowering age of permits to 18 years old.


Overall this session was a dud and I hope we can find a way to move the legislators a bit farther to the conservative mindset. 2019’s session needs to focus on a Constitutional amendment first and foremost, followed by budget cuts. If that does not happen…we are in for some extremely slow state growth, while the rest of the nation enjoys the benefits of national tax cuts.

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  •   8:00AM: Wombly Rearch, KS businesses and Firearms


  •    7:30AM: Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye
  •    8:00AM: Lt. Col. Steve Fitzgerald, 2nd Congressional Dist. Candidate


  •    7:30AM: Sedgwick County Cimmissioner Jim Howell
  •    8:00AM: Open


  •    8:00AM: Open


  •    8:00AM: Legislative Recap PT 3


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