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Andy Hooser has been the Operations Manager for Steckline Communications now for 5 years, and host of the nationally syndicated radio program "The Voice of Reason".

The Voice of Reason is a conservative talk show based out of the flagship radio station The Big Talker KQAM in Wichita, Kansas, that focuses on activism at the local level. The show discusses current events while applying Constitutional principles, traditional values, and logic to the issues of today. Being a millennial, Andy has a unique perspective on the struggles of our time, and tries to apply common sense, logic, humor, and sarcasm to the show. Andy believes the best way to approach the tough talk is with sarcasm, humor, and civility. 

Andy has interviewed national guests such as nationally syndicated radio hosts: Joe Pags, Alex Jones, Laura Ingraham, Jim Bohannon, Dana Loesch, and more. He's chatted with political pundits Corey Lewandowski, Dinesh D'Souza, along with numerous pundits from National Review, Washington Times, and other media sources. The Voice of Reason is home to local issues and events as well as interviewing Congressmen, State Legislators, Governors, Mayors, City Councilmen, and local activists. 

Andy also is a regular guest and guest host for the nationally syndicated radio program "Armed American Radio with Mark Walters".

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Andy Hooser is the Operations Manager for Steckline Comuunications, and hosts both the nationally syndicated program “The Voice of Reason with Andy Hooser”, and local show “Kansas Talk” on KQAM Radio. Andy Hooser is a husband, father, and patriot. Andy got involved in politics and debate early, becoming the chairman of the College Republicans at […]


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