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Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye. Discussion of “micro mansions” in Wichita. Democrats use gun control as platform for midterm elections. New school year starts, and districts are excited about new funding. 

Happy Monday! Kansas unemployment stays low with slight job growth. Trump economy vs Obama economy. Wichita Eagle editorial advocates for tax increase. Discussion of lab meat vs cattle market. Discussion of third party voting, ranked-based voting, and caucus process. 

Happy Friday! Interview David Duryee on small business and mistakes make as a small business owners. Discussion of internet censorship, shadow banning, and silencing of conservative voices. Change in state politics…can we gain traction? Democrats in Kansas and across nation continue to look for “blue wave”. 

Interview GOP candidate for Governor Kris Kobach. Interview Jeff Glendening with American’s for Prosperity. Interview Phil Martinez of Phil’s Coins. Progressives ignore basic history and facts. Races heat up in Kansas Congressional seats. Syed Jamal of Lawrence has hearing on immigration status after expired visa. 

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell on canvassing process in county. Interview Molly Gill with FAMM on prison reform. Governor Jeff Colyer endorses Kris Kobach for GOP governor’s race. Discussion of uniting party. 

Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye on finalizing city budget. Interview Kansas GOP Chairman Kelly Arnold on election recap, Kansas Republican movements and upcoming general election. Discussion of provisional ballot process by county. Updated vote count on Governor’s race. Political sign laws.

Happy Monday! Update on GOP Governor’s race vote count. Counties begin counting provisional ballots. Latest poll divides Democats and Indpendent candidate in Governor’s race. Democrats push to remove signatures from Greg Orman’s petition. NFL starts season with players kneeling to National Anthem. Discussion of voting 3rd party. 

Interview GOP candidate for 2nd Congressional District Steve Watkins on primary race, attacks, and upcoming general election. Interview Kimbriell Kelly of the Washington Post on homocide rates in Wichita vs arrest rates. Kris Kobach and Jeff Colyer host press conferences on final votes in Governor’s race. Discussion of uniting GOP for general election. 

Primary Election Recap!

Election day on the Voice of Reason!

Happy Monday! Interview Congressman Ron Estes, GOP candidate Stephen Owens for House District 74, and State Representative Dan Hawkins on Insurance Commissioner race. Latest polls may lead to close race in GOP gubernatorial run? Large number of voters are undecidided 1 day before election day. Large portion of Kansas registered voters are unaffiliated. 

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau on upcoming election, voting record, and county issues. Interview David Lowden, candidate for Judge District 17. Discussion of sample ballot and being informed in voting booth. Governor Jeff Colyer calls on Secretary of State Kobach to pay legal fees from voter ID case. Democrats try to encourage voter turnout […]

Interview Roger Woods, candidate for Judge division 7 in Sedgwick County. Interview Paul Waggoner, GOP candidate House seat 104 on race, platform, and upcoming legislation session. Democrats continue to turn on each other in gubernatorial race. KS House leadership spends tax payer money to campaign for incumbent “moderate” Republicans against primary conservative challengers. Tax revenue […]

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell. Interview Linda Kirby, candidate for Judge Division 17. Discussion of LeBron James and division in sports and politics. Progressives panic over 3D printed guns. Early voter numbers in Kansas show high engagement and turnout. Democrats struggle to compete with Republican turnout in Kansas. 

Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye on city budget debate. Interview Julie Burkhart on Medicare card changes. Discussion of entitlements and self identification syndrome. Wichita Democratic Socialists hold a book reading club on how to advance socialism. House District 104 holds debate between incumbent Republican and conservative contender. 

Happy Monday! Interview Dave Trabert, Kansas Policy Institute, on Feedom Index Score, education funding increases, and potential tax increases. Interview Will Carpenter, GOP candidate House District 75 on campaign, and upcoming legislative session. ACLU actively campaigning again Kris Kobach may help campaign more than hurt with Republican voters. Government healthcare activists attack Senator Jerry Moran. 

Interview Phil Martinez of Phil’s Coins. Interview Tom Sleight, President of US Grain Council on trade war, tariffs, Ag aid from President Trump, and global markets. More “older” generations are getting tattoos. Are tattoos becoming more accepted in the mainstream? Media presents differences of Governor’s candidates. 

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell on county budget debates. Interview GOP candidate for State House district 80 Bill Rhiley on camapaign, platform, and legislative issus. President Trump pushes Ag relief bill during tariff and trade wars. Is this a good idea, or just another bailout? Discussion of separation of powers and who sets taxes/tariffs. […]

Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye on city budget debate, potential libraries closing, and increase of police force. Interview State Representative and GOP candidate for Secretary of State Scott Schwab. Democrats see opportunity for “centrists” within party during Bernie Sanders “revolution”. Importance of grassroots campaigning. Discussion of sin tax. 

Happy Monday! Recap socialist rally with James Thompson, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Senator Bernie Sanders. Democrats apologize to black voters. Comparison between Kansas and Nebraska on illegal immigration. Is socialism on the rise because of Donald Trump?


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