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Happy Monday! Guest Host County Commissioner Jim Howell. 

Happy Friday! Interview Dave Trabert, Kansas Policy Institute. Recap Republican rally. Laura Kelly attacks Kris Kobach with false campaign ad. In the latest “Pass it or Ax it”..should we impliment term limits AND cap number of political seats you can hold?

Interview President/CEO of the Heartland Institute Tim Huelskamp. Texas Republicans win State Senate seat for first time in 139 years. National Republians struggle to finish budget discussions and cut federal spending. Should public libraries in Wichita allow “Drag Queen hour” reading to children?

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell on upcoming county meeting, along with campaign for upcoming election. Writers of Sesame Street announce gay characters. More “Republicans” endorse Laura Kelly for Governor. Will the GOP begin to stand on firm platform?

Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye. Interview Debbie Miller, transition specialist. Update on Sedgwick County Sheriff Deputy shooting. “Democratic socialists” run for office at local levels…how do we stop the madness? Polls show close race in 2nd Congressional District. 

Happy Friday! Free for all Friday. Interview Kristi Patton with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Progressives blame President Trump for the hurricane. Current and former “Republicans” legislators endorse Laura Kelly for Governor. Discussion of paddling students at school. 

Democrats change tactics on the campaign trail. Polls claim Trump support is disappearing in Mid America. Democrats try to show support for guns and the 2nd Amendment. Discussion of social program spending and reforms to social security. 

Interview Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional seat Alan LaPolice. Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell. Media creates scare with “lack of unity” within Kansas Republican ranks supporting Kris Kobach. How to get involved in campaigns. 

Interview Congressman Ron Estes. Interview Wichita City Councilman Bryan Frye. 9/11 Commemoration. 

Happy Monday! Interview David Schneider, Kansas Director for Convention of States. Recap Governor’s debate at State Fair. California Supreme Court restricts private contractors and small business owners vs business employees. Former President Obama jumps into medterms by attempting to take credit for Trump economy and job growth. 

Happy Friday! Interview John Whitmer on Kobach campaign and upcoming State Fair debate. Interview Amy Brickel with Kansas State Fair. Recap James Thompson interview. Ratings drop for NFL after Colin Kaepernick, NIKE deal. Are the protests over? RNC makes ad expsosing unrest on the left. 

Interview James Thompson, 4th Congressional Democratic candidate. Interview Greg Orman, Independent Gubernatorial candidate. Break down of first Governor’s debate in Kansas City. 

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell. Another victory for Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez in primaries? Former Kansas Republican Governor Bill Graves endorses Laura Kelly. Is this a game changer? Media portrays Republicans as panicked in upcoming midterm elections. 

Happy Tuesday! Interview Bryan Frye, Wichita City Council. Interview Mark Walters of “Armed American Radio”. Public unions endorse gubernatorial candidates. Congressman Estes and James Thompson square off in public forum. Nike picks new “spokespeson” for company. 

Interview Phil Martinez with Phil’s Coins. Interview Kristi Patton with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Was the comment by Republican Gubernatorial candidate in Florida Ron DeSantis really racist? Discussion of progressives controlling dialogue. Is it a good idea for teachers to end nighttime homework for students? 

Interview Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish with the Oklahoma Cannabis Trade Association on latest applicants to grow, manufacture, sell, and use medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell. Discussion of entitlement after “bridezilla” charges $1500 to attend wedding. Discussion of law enforcement and after hours venues in Wichita. Wichita school district give salary […]

Happy Monday! Professor at Kansas University cancels office hours and classroom time due to potential concealed carry weapons in the classroom. Latest salary increases for Shawnee Mission school district. Progressives attack economic growth due to number “poor” people making minimum wage. Discussion of John McCain passing. 

Happy Friday! Interview Matthew Hennessey, author of “Zero Hour For Gen X”. Independent candidate for Governor officially on ballot after panel approves signatures on petition. Republican leadership in Kansas warns “moderates” of supporting non-Republican candidates in midterms. Wichita discusses banning plastic bags at grocery stores, while Kroger looks to phase out plastic bags as company […]

Interview Bob Weeks with Wichita Liberty TV on primary elections, need to raise taxes in Wichita, and ranked-based voting. Democrats challenge petition for Independent candidate Greg Orman to be on the ballot due to counties missed deadline to approve signatures. Latest Pew Research poll shows Obama ranked best President of our life time. House passes […]

Interview Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell on finalized county budget and “mini-mansions”. Will the latest federal hearings have an effect on midterm elections? Discussion of Oklahoma marijuana and rush to legalize before understanding laws. Kansas Democrats push to remove Greg Orman from ballot. Breakdown of election numbers in three way run. Discussion of small homes […]


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