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Born and raised in Arkansas, Bobby started his radio career at Henderson State University. Since then he has been on the fast track to success. Currently based in Nashville, Bobby is a local celebrity hosting an afternoon show on the music station, ME TV, as well as contributing to several local news mediums and organizations such as the Big Brothers and Sisters volunteer program and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Bobby's hardworking, sensitive and semi-neurotic personality fuel the show. His natural ability to relate to a wide range of listeners and his uncanny knack for coffee talk makes him a tough match for any morning show competitor. The mediator between Lunchbox and Amy, Bobby is the voice of reason and the glue that binds the unpredictable cast. A germaphobic over-achiever at heart, Bobby wins people over by exposing his biggest weaknesses to the audience. With daily tales of life, love, passion and therapy, Bobby connects with the listeners and bears his soul on air every morning.  In 2017, the program was honored wth a CMA Award, and Bobby was the youngest-ever National Radio Hall of Fame inductee.

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